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Tu Di Gong Statue

Tudigong (土地公 “Lord of the Soil and the Ground”) , Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神or Tudishen (土地神 “God of the Soil and the Ground”), also known simply as Tudi (土地 “Soil-Ground”) is a tutelary deity of a locality and the human communities who inhabit it in Chinese folk religion.

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Where to place the TuDiGong Buddha Statue


Deity Earth God Tu Di Gong is portrayed as an elderly man with a long grey beard, seated on a chair holding a staff in the right hand, with a gilded dragon head on the end and a gold ingot in the left hand. Tu Di Gong’s clothing is richly painted to resemble enamelling. The gilding is slightly worn in places but overall in very good condition.


Tu Di Gong is also referred to as the Lord of the Place, he is subservient to Cheng Huang, the spiritual magistrate of the village. He is seen frequently at the main entrance of a business or home and is one of the oldest and most popular deities in China In ancient time, Chinese Folks pray to Earth God for the abundance of crops, grains, healthy livestock etc. In this modern era, Earth God of wealth is prayed for prosperity, wealth, safety and happiness. Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) is also revered as one of the Chinese Gods Of Wealth. He can even be sought after to Win The  Lottery / 4D if You know the way.


Here are some tips when you are DIY to request for wealth from Tu Di Gong.

  • Always make your offering after 12 noon. Tu Di Gong is more responsive when your request is done after-noon.
  • If possible, offer some paper deity clothes as well.
  • If you are requesting from your home earth god, use 5 joss stick, make sure the teacups are filled with fresh tea and if you have water cups, it is filled and change every day.
  • Food offers can range from meat items to fruits. If possible, ask the person that installed the earth deity for your home to check for what is the favourite food of your earth god. Each house will have different earth god deity. Not every home is having the same deity.
  • When you know and offer their favourite offering, then the boost will be fast and swift!
  • Be generous with your offering. If you are stingy and offer 1 orange and expect a big boost in return then you will be greatly disappointed even after years of offering!. You don’t get anywhere by being stingy in the physical world, and it is the same in the spiritual world.
If you are requesting for the boost of luck from Area Earth Deity or Local Area Earth Deity, always remember to start your prayers with self-introduction. Informing the deity, your name and address.

Placing the Tu Di Gong Statue


Regardless of the place, you intend to set the TuDiGong Buddha Statue, in the house or garden, there are few rules that should be followed.

  • Avoid placing the Buddha statue in the bathroom, kitchen or any other inappropriate place.
    Never place a Buddha statue where someone can point at it with their feet or fingers.
  • Never place objects taller or larger than the Buddha statue close by, such as the refrigerator, wardrobe etc.
  • Buddha Statues should be placed away from objects of daily use such as towels, rags, handkerchiefs, napkins, cleaning item etc.

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I bought the praying material specially for wealth enhancement and did as per advise from FengShui Cabinet and I stroked Lottery
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Good Energy buddha statue

After place the buddha statue to the right place, my health condition and wealth getting better.”
- Untie Hong

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Good Energy buddha statue

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