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Performing a Cleansing Burn With Feng Shui


Using incense for cleansing is an efficient way to renew and refresh chi energy in the spaces where you live, work, and play. Incense is easy to find, and there are a variety of scents you can use to cleanse your spaces. Smoke is a great tool for cleansing negative energies – the one that we collect on our aura, and the one that is being collected like energetic dust in places of a different sort. From time to time, you should use incense to cleanse your own aura, and once a month, you should burn out an incense stick in your room (or entire house) to cleanse it from negative energies.


Why Perform a Cleansing Burn using incense?

Spaces retain the energy of people and events, and a cleansing burn can help refresh and renew energy. Try performing a feng shui cleansing burn in any of the following situations:

  • After illness or injury
  • After arguments or negative energy
  • When you first move in
  • After you’ve had guests, visitors, or a party
  • Any time you’re feeling stuck or stagnant
  • After any highly emotional event, such as the loss of a pet or loved one, a relationship break-up, etc.
  • After watching a scary movie or negative news
  • After negative or emotional world events


How to Use Incense Sticks for Cleansing

There are a number of scents that are excellent for cleansing negative chi. Try any of these aromas incense sticks for cleansing:

  • Sandalwood clears negative energy and refocuses spiritual energy.
  • Rosemary creates new beginnings and flushes away stagnant energy.
  • Nag champa, which is a combination of plumeria and sandalwood, is a sacred blend that purifies and sanctifies spaces.
  • Sage clears away all energy, both negative and positive, leaving a space to bring in new energy.
  • Lavender is an excellent incense fragrance to burn after the illness because it supports healing energy.
  • Cedar is protective against negative energy.


You can light the incense stick on the floor, and stand above it, and the smoke will cleanse your own aura. Or you can light incense in a single room or entire house, and let it burn out, to disintegrate the negative energy in each room. (Buy incense stick from Asia countries as the energy is stronger.) Wave it counterclockwise in each corner, closet, and cabinet. You may also let one joss stick burn in each room. Say, “Thank you for the complete disintegration of all negative energies, thoughts, and emotions from this room now.” After cleansing, always open East windows and doors to allow fresh energy of the sun to enter  Feel confident that the energy in your home is fresh and ready to receive all the opportunities Spring has in store for you.

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