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Tua Pek Kong also is known as Da Bo Gong,  FengShui Cabinet is located at Kuala Lumpur, KL,  most of our Tua Pek Kong Buddha Statues are imported from Taiwan with the blessing from the monk, we also provide custom made Buddha Statues. contact us now:  +60332910730


Tua Pek Kong Statue

Tua Pek Kong was a man named Zhang Li (张理) from the Hakka clan. His Indonesian Sumatra-bound boat was struck by wind and accidentally landed on Penang island of Malaysia, which at that time had only 50 inhabitants. After his death, the local people began worshipping him and built the Tua Pek Kong temple there. Today Tua Pek Kong is worshipped by Malaysian Chinese throughout the country. Tua Pek Kong is often mistaken for Tu Di Gong, partially because of their physical similarities.

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Tua Peh Kong, a wealth deity unique to Southeast Asia and who occupies a middle-ranking position within the celestial bureaucracy, is often confused with Tou Di Kong (also spelt Tu Di Gong, or 土地公), a land deity occupying the bottom position of the pantheon.


That the identity of both deities depends on the community worshipping them no doubt adds to further frustration.

here are four ways of distinguishing them:

  • Tua Peh Kong is a wealth deity that is geographically mobile while Tou Di Kong is limited by territorial space and focuses on hyper-local issues, agricultural fertility, or issues related to the soil.
  • Tou Di Kong altars are usually on or near to the ground (a reflection of his lowly rank) while Tua Peh Kong is usually seated on an altar off the ground (a reflection of his higher rank).
  • Tou Di Kong usually (but not always) holds a wooden staff while Tua Peh Kong holds a staff topped with a dragon head. Sometimes, as in Senggarang, Tou Di Kong’s “wooden” staff is painted in gold. Either way, it’s a much simpler ornament compared to the one Tua Peh Kong holds.
  • While Tou Di Kong can be “promoted” to the status of Tua Peh Kong, should he prove to be effective as a wealth god, Tua Peh Kong rarely serves the position of Tou Di Kong.

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