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FengShui Cabinet was founded in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, over 25 years ago and is the ultimate source for Feng Shui products that range from Buddha statues, Feng Shui altars to incense and other prayer-related materials. Furthermore, FengShui Cabinet is experts in Feng Shui matters and offer knowledgeable insights for those that seek to transform their lives and fortunes immediately or maintain good luck in all aspects of life. 

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Good energy Feng Shui Products from FengShui Cabinet will Invite Great Energy Into Your Home. Buy Feng Shui enhancers, cures and remedies for all your Feng Shui supplies. Buddha statues are growing in popularity in Malaysia and have become an essential Feng Shui product to assist the movement and flow of chi energy to create harmonious environments as well as to enhance Feng Shui Wealth. Our Buddha statues are imported from Taiwan with special blessings from the Taiwanese monks and all the Feng Shui Altars are made according to the Feng Shui measurement. 

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Products Features

Import and Blessing

Buddha Statues are imported from Taiwan with the bless from the monk.

FengShui Measurement

All the Feng Shui Altars are made according the Feng Shui measurement

Custom Make Services

Provide Custom made service for Buddha Statues and Altar Tables

our Work

 Feng Shui Altars and Buddha Statues are made according the Feng Shui measurement

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