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Where to place the Feng Shui Altar Table


Based on feng shui perspective, altar table placement is of paramount importance because it is like inviting a “VIP” to reside in your house. The placement of the altar table depends on which God, one prays to. If the owner of the house prays to Guan Yin or Tah Peh Kong then these Gods need to look at the house and then face the window. Hence facing windows or the house main door is very very important.

For those with who are having a religion, it is a form of respect to place your deity in the most honoured sector, not the “leftover” space after placing your TV, sofa etc. Therefore if you intend to place your altar cabinet in your new home, your other living hall furniture becomes secondary. All the rest of the home decor items have to accommodate the position of your altar. Therefore do seriously consider it because chances are it will affect your Home ID design. Altar placement based on classical feng shui principles must conform to a very strict set of rules which are not supposed to be violated.


For a Feng Shui perspective, what are the things that you should consider when it comes to the placement of the altar?  You can start by looking upwards. The altar cabinet should not be placed under a beam or under the stairs. There should not be a toilet upstairs either. Neither should the altar face a toilet or kitchen.  It should also not be the place against the wall that is shared with the kitchen or toilet. It should also not be placed on a spot where there is an underground water pipe or drain.

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