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Medicine Buddha Statue

The Medicine Buddha. In the traditional paintings (Tibetan thangkas) he is surrounded by various herbs and medicine, with halos of healing energy radiating from his head and body. According to the legend, he transformed himself into a radiant blue light at a large gathering of people to heal and teach people the knowledge of healing and medicine. Medicine Buddha mantra has a powerful vibration for healing both body and mind. 


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Where to place the Healing Buddha Statue


The compassionate attributes associated with Buddhism will certainly create a positive ambience in the surrounding environment. This is at least as effective as increasing natural light and open space. Therefore, a properly placed feng shui Buddha statue will enhance the flow of chi energy throughout the home. This unimpeded flow of the chi “life force” is what brings peace and tranquillity into the human environment. The location of any Buddha statue should always be a place of reverence, which means a position above eye level, to avoid looking down on them.


The Medicine Buddha Use as A Feng Shui Cure


The Medicine Buddha mantra has powerful vibrations for healing, both mind and body healing.  Sometimes the Medicine Buddha is also called the Blue Buddha, or the Lapis Lazuli Light Buddha. According to the legend, he transformed himself into a radiant blue light Buddha at a large gathering of people and taught/transmitted the knowledge of healing and medicine. Thus, he is often depicted with blue skin or holding a blue medicine jar.

The Healing Medicine Buddha is an excellent feng shui cure for the Health area of your home (Southeast). It is best to choose a painting or an actual wall hanging with the Medicine Buddha rather than a statue for this specific application. 



Placing the Medician Healing Buddha Statue


The Center of your home, the Spiritual Growth & Personal Cultivation Ba Gua area (Northeast), as well as your personal altar, can also much benefit from the presence of the Medicine Healing Buddha. As all illness ultimately originates in the mind with the so-called three poisons (attachment, hatred, and ignorance), it is good to have the Medicine Healing Buddha energy on guard. Find your own Medicine Healing Buddha, bring him home and enjoy his healing presence and spiritual medicine. He will help you remember. 


Regardless of the place you intend to set the Medicine Buddha statue, in the house or garden, there are few rules that should be followed.

  • Avoid placing the Buddha statue in the bathroom, kitchen or any other inappropriate place.
    Never place a Buddha statue where someone can point at it with their feet or fingers.
  • Never place objects taller or larger than the Buddha statue close by, such as the refrigerator, wardrobe etc.
  • Buddha Statues should be placed away from objects of daily use such as towels, rags, handkerchiefs, napkins, cleaning item etc.

Review for Healing Buddha Statue

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Good Energy Buddha Statue

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